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PostHeaderIcon Amending Form 1099-MISC

This came up recently so I figured it’d be worth a quick blog post.  Here in May, one of my clients realized he had given me an incorrect amount on a 1099-MISC.  In order to fix it, here’s the appropriate steps.

1)  Contact the person or business in question.  This is more of a courtesy but you want to let them know that the 1099-MISC is wrong and that you’re going to amend it.  If they filed their return, it means they’ll have to amend as well.  If they’re lucky enough in this case to have extended, then you can provide him with a fixed 1099-MISC.

2)  When you’re printing off the new 1099-MISC, you check the box at the top to indicate it’s corrected

3)  Prepare a new 1096 (don’t mark it in any way) for just the one 1099-MISC.

4)  Mail the corrected Form 1099-MISC along with the new 1096 to the Internal Revenue Service.

Nothing too exotic here.

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